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There are 210 million Orphans worldwide. This number does not include over 2 million abandoned children or children who are sold and trafficked.

By 2021 it is projected that there will be 400 million orphaned children worldwide and 17.8 million will live without parents. An estimated 34.5 million orphans have lost their mothers, while 101 million have lost their fathers. Everyday 5,700 children become orphan.

  • Everyday 38,493 orphans are aged out.
  • 10% - 20% of the children commit suicide before they become adult.
  • 14,505,000 children grow up as Orphans and age out of the system at 16 years old.
  • At every 2.2 seconds the frequency of aged out orphans increases.
  • 60% of aged out females who will involved themselves into prostitution.
  • 70% of aged out males who will become  criminal.

Orphan Assist uniof

In this selfish and fast moving world no one

wants to leave their children intentionally. Sometimes the case is such that children don't get to see their parents since their birth. Whether it's misfortunate or the play of god,

lots of children lose their parents and land up on the road in search of livelihood.

Orphanages are the only Places where they are treated as members, they get meals which tends them to survive, they get room where they get shelter, they get clothes to cover themselves. In the era of selfishness, orphanages are the only Places where they can trust. It’s our fortune to have facilities and loving family, but it's not their fault for having lack of these. It’s our responsibility as humans to understand the pain of humans. Those children are not even aware of their parents, and they are far away from parental happiness. In the age of cuddling and playing , they are searching for the piece of bread to save their hunger. It's not their fault for being orphans, so why do we tend them to feel guilty. As a human it’s our responsibility to share their pain and help them together. Orphanage is the first home and first source of happiness to these innocent children; your miniscule effort can serve their life. So we request you all to contribute some effort in suppoting orphanages. a small effort can serve someone’s life.

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Next Campaign Scheduled:

1st August, 2020 at Kankarbagh, Patna, Bihar

Orphan Assist uniof

"Live your life in such a way that those who know you but don’t know god, will come to know god because they know you"
Orphan Assist uniof

Keep smile at their face and donate us.

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