Bastra Daan (Clothes Distribution Campaign)

 Clothes are amongst the three basic things, which is required for living- Food, Cloth and Shelter.

We are very lucky as we have alot clothes to wear but many have not any choice to wear. Your Extra clothes can make anyone smile so don't wait and donate your excess Clothes/Material Right now. 

(Currently we are for Siliguri only, but we are trying to cover many part of the country soon.)

UNIOF Drop Point

Donate as much as you can

1. UNIOF Siliguri Branch, 55, Sarat Chandra pally Main Road, Haiderpara, Siliguri. Mobile: +917319572051

2. UNIOF Jaleswari Branch, Radha Gobinda DEcoretors and Caterars, Eastern By-Pass Road, Near Jaleswari Bridge, West Hatiadanga, Siliguri. Mobile: +919654698108

3. Rahul Bose, Near Agrani Sangha Field, Bhaktinagar, Siliguri. Mobile: +917001568758

4. Saikat Paul Chowdhury, Deshbandhu Para, Near Dadabhai Sporting Club, Siliguri. Mobile: +916295250331

5. Hritabrata Nag, Dakshin Bharatnagar, Near Tarun Teertha Ground, Siliguri. Mobile: +916295250331

6. Gourav Adhikari, Ektiashal, Near Ektiashal School, Siliguri. Mobile: +918509339596

7. Sudip Saha, Near Siliguri Baradakanta School, Rathkhola, Siliguri. Mobile: +919749412806

8. Mothers Lap, Near Jana Kalyan Ashram, Sukantanagar, Siliguri. Mobile: +917001816038

9. Arijit Saha, Chyanpara, Near Amtala, Siliguri. Mobile: +919064018382

10. Sourav Das, Opposite Old Church, Raja Ram Mohon Roy Road By-lane, Hakim Para, Siliguri. Mobile: +918967969758

11. Surajit Das, 2 No Jyoti Nagar, Masjid Road, Siliguri. Mobile: +917031278776

or Call at +917319572051 for more details about UNIOF Drop Point.

Our Mission by Mission Bastra Daan: To provide clean clothes to those who need them through transparent methods using the latest digital technologies and social media.

What do we do?

UNIOF collects clothes that have outgrown their usefulness from their owners, and donate them to the less-fortunate. UNIOF uses social media to connect the donor to the beneficiary.

We don't share the photos of the donee to public domain or social media as we keep the privacy of them also, but if you need as a proof we are ready to share with you privately that allow you to know exactly how your clothes have been utilized.

Why is CBF unique?

While donating clothes is deeply satisfying, there's always the niggling apprehension that they won't reach the right destination. By letting donors actually see the recipients' privately, UNIOF solves the problem of transparency with joyful simplicity - giving many more donors the confidence to come forward and support the cause, and paving the way for nothing short of a 'social revolution'.


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